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ponpon.my is a coupon cloud platform built upon Google Cloud, which allows you to create, distribute, and manage your coupons, seamlessly and flexibly 'on the cloud'. It also offers your customers instant online access to find, snip, and redeem a range of coupons for use in your stores.

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produc.codes is a lite version of an ecommerce platform that creates no e-store, but standalone product links that enable sellers to sell anywhere. produc.codes breaks down the hard pieces of the e-commerce store structure (for example, the templates), and eliminates all the tedious parts of buying process such as being required to log in, sign up or complete email verification before making orders. This allows sellers to truly and effectively sell their products anywhere, such as on social media like Facebook, inside chatrooms like WhatsApp and WeChat, blogs, websites and offline print media, and all via big and tiny screen devices like PCs, mobile and tablets.

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